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Thursday, October 28, 2021

00 Model Brush Type 2 (Class 31) Part 2

This afternoon I added the headcodes to the Brush type 2 loco. 

The '7' means it is an express freight, livestock, or ballast train not fitted with continuous braking.

The 'G' is for the Birmingham area.

The '23' is the route or train number. 


Wednesday, October 20, 2021

00 Open Wagon

 This open wagon is part of a set of wagons to go with my 00 collection. 

I wasn't too impressed with the very glossy repaint of the wagon a previous owner had done and the standard very plasticky looking coal load. 

I didn't want this to be a coal wagon, just a general cargo wagon. Today I added a tarpaulin to it and weathered the wagon.

 It now looks better amongst the other wagons. 


Tuesday, October 19, 2021

00 Model Brush Type 2 (Class 31)

 My very first 00 scale diesel I bought in my early teens was a Triang Brush type 2 (later classified class 31). 

Last week I purchased this Airfix version. 

A far better detailed and finished model than the Triang one I had. 

It was missing a coupling and the screw which held the unpowered bogie in the chassis was not fitted and I had to do some work to fix this, hence I got it quite cheap. 

A new coupling arrived in the post this morning along with a set of 'FlushGlaze' windows for it. 

As manufactured these early models had glazing just glued on the inside, but these push into the window aperture so look more authentic.