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Friday, February 19, 2010

Winter is hanging on.

Hi Readers.

Winter has certainly not finished with us yet. Yesterday it snowed all afternoon and into the evening. We were left with about 6 inches of snow covering the ground and conditions on the roads were incredibly dangerous, because the gritters were not out early enough according to one of our customers who came to get a bag of coal on his way home from work. Keith and I love the snow. it was beautiful to see it falling and laying.

This morning began dry, but it was not long before snow was falling again. Keith and I were up early as we had an appointment with Keith's GP. The walk down to the surgery was very picturesque in the snow, but very difficult for drivers, because of the amount of slush on the roads. Keith's GP was unable to offer us any comfort about getting Keith seen sooner for his exploritory operation. Yesterday I rang the hospital to see how we stood on an appointment, because it has been a week since we saw the consultant and had heard nothing. I was told that it would not be until April/May, because their is a waiting list for Urgent procedures, with at least 12 other people in front of Keith. I was also told that the consultant is away much of March and April on holiday, so we have to sit and wait and Keith has to cope with the pain. Keith's GP has told him to keep taking the Anti-Inflammatories and the Morphine, but if the pain gets to out of hand, then Keith can call an ambulance and go into hospital. So that is an update on Keith and the weather.

Have a lovely weekend.


Les Biggs said...

Hi Keith/Jo
Just spending some time catching up on some blogs and was shocked to read of Keith`s health problem.
I really hope it all gets resolved soon.
Best wishes

Unknown said...

I think your GP is trying to tell you to dial 999; if Keith is admitted as an emergency his treatment WILL be escalated. Sad, but that's the way it works. Morphine will cause a lot of problems and make him feel very sick. Jill, Matilda Rose

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Les.

Lovely to hear from you. Thank you for your Best Wishes. It looks like we may not be cruising to far this year unfortunately. But I need my skipper fit and healthy. Take care. Happy cruising Jo x

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Jill and Graham. Thank you for your message.
The Gp rang the hospital for us a couple of weeks ago, because he wanted Keith in. The Gp was told if Keith went in they would just send him hime again with stronger pain killers, because there were still things they needed to do. So the Gp had to put Keith on the Morphine. So going in by dialing 999 may not work. But we do have that option if things get really bad. Our Gp has written a letter for us to take in should we need to go.
I am not happy with him being on Morphine and know that when he is ready to come off of it, it will be done slowly. At the moment it is helping to a degree with the pain and he is not suffering any ill affects. It is a sad reflection on the NHS, when they say Urigent, but actually mean you will be seen months down the line. it just goes to show how over stretched they are. I realise we are not the only ones in this situation. But it is hard when your watching a loved one suffer.

I hope all is well with you both. happy cruising. Jo x

Del and Al said...

How frustrating! Take care and call that ambulance if you need to....