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Monday, March 08, 2010

Cold Coal Delivery

We are both up early this morning for another coal delivery. It dropped to -6.7C here overnight and the canal has frozen over yet again, winter is not giving up just yet. Fortunately we are only having 3 tonnes delivered this morning so won't be out in the cold too long!


Anonymous said...

Hello Jo.
It's been a while since I checked out your blog and just thought I'd pop in and see how you two were enjoying Hadar. So I was really sorry to hear that Keith has been so poorly. Horrible to think that such a kind and friendly man that I remember meeting at Stone, should be in so much pain. What a terrible worry for you both.
I wish him all the very best and hope the springtime brings good health and happiness to you both.
Carrie x (nb Blackbird)

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Carrie.
It is lovely to hear from you. Thank you for your kind words. It seems like an age ago since we met you at Roger's yard in Stone. How are you and the boat?
Keith is not doing so well at the moment. he is on so many pain killers that he almost rattles. The waiting for the exploritory operation is not good and if the pain continues to increase, he will be going in by ambulance and they will then have to see him.
It looks like we will not be moving far this year, which is of course sad, because we like to keep moving.
What are you doing with yourself??

Jo x

Anonymous said...

Jo, yes, it does seem ages since we met up and in less stressful circumstances. You were both so excited about getting Hadar out of the paint shed! And of course Keith was realising his boyhood dream!
All's well with me, moving slowly (what with stoppages) along to Nottingham, then may tackle the river Soar in the Summer and join the Grand Union - all new territory for me. Hope we meet sometime this year.
Carrie x

Keith Lodge said...

Carrie. We still love Hadar to bits, she is everything Keith ever wanted and more. We are enjoying life onboard her and doing the coal business.
If you do come up the Soar and onward towards Market Harborough, we may get to see you, if we are still here. I hope not but Keith's health has to come first, so we are stuck in Market Harborough Basin. It would be wonderful to see you. The Soar is lovely. We have not been to Nottingham yet, but did the Soar last year.
Happy cruising.... Do you still have your blog??