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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Foxton to Crick.

Hi Folks.

Brrrrrrrr it has been more like Autumn today than Summer. Both Keith and I had to don our donkey jackets to keep out the chilly Northerly breeze. The sun did put in an appearance, but was not warm enough to make us take our jackets off.

Some of the views across the countryside along this 20 mile pound are stunning. We enjoyed 17 miles of scenery today and loved every moment of it.

We met Ben on NB Primrose Time on moorings above Foxton Locks, he was heading back to Market Harborough and his mooring. We met our first boat of the day NB Sarah D at 9.30 am and after that there was a steady stream of boats coming out of Yelvetoft and Crick Marina's for the weekend. There were plenty of stationary boats, some not holding up-to-date licences I hasten to add. We cruised past the home and stables of Piggy French. She has a beautiful property, but until today we did not know it was her place.

We were just about to cruise past Kilworth Marina, and saw that they were just about to let the Dayboat out. Luckily they waited until we passed them by.

After Bridge 33, we met in passing NB Margin, who told us that he reads our blog. It is always lovely to meet up with people, who take time out to come in and read about our life and adventures. So hello to the gentleman on NB Margin, hopefully the next time we meet, we may get to exchange names and a few words.

I could not resist taking this photo of a floating garden in progress, or is it purely a weed hatch-er?? Heading towards Crick we passed the new Yelvetoft Marina, who is selling diesel for £1.19 a litre any advance on £1.19? The Marina looked pretty empty. Either the boats are out, or they are still trying to fill it. It is in a lovely area and has all the facilities. Having met every man, woman and their dog moving, it was nice to arrive at Crick and find a mooring. We will be staying here till Monday.


************** Brian and Diana on NB Harnser******** Maps by said...

"We cruised past the home and stables of Piggy French. She has a beautiful property, but until today we did not know it was her "

I hope you didn't try to moor opposite their place, If its the one I am thinking of the have notices telling you not to moor opposite thier property and its a lovely bit of towing path

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Brian and Diana.
I cannot remember which bridge the place is on. They do have signs on their side asking you not to moor on their land, but nothing about mooring opposite their property. Maybe we should try it and see what happens lol. After all they don't own the towpath.
Happy cruising. Jo