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Friday, October 22, 2010

Watford Gap to Welford

Another longish day today, 6hrs 35mins, but it was a lovely autumnal day. Soon after we set off I noticed the ignition light was on and a quick check showed that the starter alternator belt had broken. Having arrived at Welford Wharf and sold some coal we returned back down the arm to the visitor moorings between the marina and Welford lock for the night. Now changing a drive belt should be easy, but no, upon having taken the safety cover off I realised that both of the 2 belts for the domestic alternator and the belt for the remote water pump for the engine had to be taken off first before being able to replace the broken one. Still the procedure was simple enough, and the brand spanking new belt was soon fitted and working. Makes me glad we carry spares for such emergencies, which of course makes them not an emergency.


Anonymous said...

That's just reminded me to renew my River Canal Rescue subscription ;-)
Carrie x

Keith Lodge said...

hi Carrie, that makes me glad I do all our own maintenance. Even Jo does some of it. It would pay you to take a course on engine maintenance. The IWA do some at the National Festival.