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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Into Middlewich.

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The intention today was to move into Middlewich, in the vicinity of Bridge No.28 on the Middlewich branch, then into the town to shop at Tescos, then carry onto the T&M and northwards towards Anderton. We made it to Bridge No.28, moored and shopped at Tescos. With the shopping packed away in cupboards, freezers and fridge, we set off and joined the queue for Wardle lock. Having eventually got to and through the lock we started to come across boats moored on the T&M for the forthcoming festival.



As we got near the children's playground, we came across Roy on Gerald No.13 and he asked if we were stopping, so we did, and having done so we will probably now stop here for the festival, well at least till Sunday, when we will set of for Anderton ready to go down the lift Monday morning. We had a brief chat with Roy, before walking back to see Phyllis and Henry on Cactus to tell them we would be stopping, having told them we wouldn’t be when we passed them. This is the rather magnificent cratch board cover they have had made for Cactus for the Jubilee celebrations.


Whist chatting to them, Brian and Ann Marie came past on nb Alton, and he said our new button fender would be ready when the return to Middlewich on Friday. We look forward to seeing them then. This is Brian working on our fender.

Hadars new fender

We are looking forward to at least some of the festival, even if we leave early on the Sunday, we will at least get to see lots of friends, and enjoy some of the festival.


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