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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Latest Rag Rug


My latest rag rug has started to take shape. The black border is 3 rows deep and needed 858 pieces of rag, the centre section requires 3626 pieces, which had all to be cut by hand with scissors. Hopefully if I can crack on with it I may actually get 2 made this winter.


Marmite hiding in Paddy’s bed, or so she thinks, but just hiding your head doesn’t constitute hiding! She hides in here now and again, only trouble is Paddy gets brave and stands and sits on her, as he knows she cannot bite or scratch him whilst in his bed, despite this she never learns and still does it.


Peacefully snoozing in front of the coal stove which is about 12” in front of her, she knows all the warm spots on Hadar.


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Mike and Poppy said...

That brought back a few childhood memories. I can remember my mother sitting of an evening listing to the radio "pegging" a rug. Before this a few hours were often spent cutting up cloth into paper bags ready to be pegged. As well as drawing a design on the sackcloth as a guide.

I can remember sitting snug on a rug in front of the Yorkshire range. Waiting for my turn in the tin bath...

She also used to peg a short rug with loop underneath in two corners. This was so that the rugs could be hung near the base of the door as a draught excluder.

I can also remember winters when we would get ice on the insides of the windows. In that sort of cold a good rug or two would often be added to our beds! I remember that they were also quite heavy.

We have come on a bit in the last 60 odd years...