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Monday, December 10, 2012

Night Time Visitor

Friday we discovered we have had a visitor in our hold. A multipack of crisps had been nibbled into, along with various of the packets of crisps inside. So this afternoon Jo popped down the town to Wilkinson’s and bought a pair of mouse traps.

Mouse Trap


Marmite has been sacked and needs a new home!!

Sacked Cat



Halfie said...

Poor Marmite!

Les Biggs said...

Poor Marmite
I just laughed out loud when I saw the cat packed ready to go.

Keith Lodge said...

It is the expression on her face, it says it all really, hahahaha.

Mike Todd said...

I don't see how the new batteries will reduce the amount of diesel since you have to generate the electricity you take out. It may well reduce the frewuency with which you have to run the generator.

Keith Lodge said...

Hello Mike if the original batteries were performing correctly in the first place then yes you would be right, there would be no difference. However with 2 of the batteries having been damaged by over-voltage charging 2 years ago, they would be drawing power from the other 2 batteries, both during charging and non-charging states, thus requiring longer charging periods, to restore the charge state to the same point at each charging period, than good batteries require. By running the generator for shorter periods of time, this will reduce the diesel consumption, not by much at each operation but over a period of time it will make a difference.