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Friday, May 01, 2015

Napton Junction to Bridge No.126 on the Southern Oxvrod Canal

Moored at Bridge No.126 on the Southern Oxford canal, on the summit level midway between Wormleighton and Priors Hardwick, where we will spend the Bank Holiday weekend.


Napton Hill windmill.


Our journey up through Napton locks was made easier with the help of the volunteer lockie who went ahead of us setting the locks in our favour.

SAM_1136 SAM_1139

Marston Doles top lock of the Napton flight.

 SAM_1140 However I noticed during our journey that the ignition light was on, checked when we stopped and fortunately only a broken alternator fan belt, something to fix over the weekend.

Last night I thought my laptop had thrown a wobbly, Windows wouldn't boot up properly, but all OK this morning, wasn't looking forward to having to do a full recovery.


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