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Saturday, February 13, 2016

What a difference a week makes.

This time last week Keith was in hospital after another back problem, but this weekend he was down in the back cabin refitting our gearbox.


It is always nice to watch a man at work.

Our gearbox was returned today, with all new seals and gaskets fitted. Rob of Kate Boats fitted it to it's mounting bracket, and Keith reconnected the 2 propshafts, the control linkage and the 2 oil cooling pipes. Hopefully we should have a oil leak free cruise this year. What a difference a week makes though. This time last week Keith was in hospital in agony and unable to move without being caused pain.


Whilst Keith and Rob sorted the gearbox out, I was out helping a friend to move a table from her boat to her house. I arrived back to make Keith a coffee, as Rob had done his bit.

Having done the gearbox he is looking a little uncomfortable, but he can now put his feet up and watch the 6 nations...... Come on Ireland.


Unknown said...

Just watched you on t.v. are lucky people to have a job you love.I live above the cut on gorsty hill and love to walk the towpath between here and merry hill with its amazing engineering feats and architecture.Anyway,I wish you all the best and hope you're soon cruising with the sun shining and the ducklings shooting about.Good health....Ian.C.

Unknown said...

Hello.Just watched you on tv,You are lucky to have a job you love.Hope you are well and cruise for many a year yet.Good health and luck.Ian.

Keith Lodge said...

You never know Ian we may actually get to Gosty Hill one day, although we have been to Merry Hill from Netherton Tunnel a few years ago. Sometimes I wish it was a job, but it isn't we do it because we enjoy doing it, and it gives us something to do.