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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Leasowes Park

This morning Jo and I took walk along the line of the derelict section of the Dudley No.2 Canal, now referred to as the Lapal Canal, and in the Leasowes alongside the restored but unconnected section.


Looking from the land bar across the abandoned but restored section of the canal towards what is Hawne Basin the other side of the road bridge and industrial estate.


The other direction towards Lapel tunnel.


Miniature railway alongside the canal towpath, which looks like it hasn’t seen use in many years.


One of the lakes in the Leasowes as seen from the towpath.


The end of the restored section of the canal within the Leasowes.


The next section of the canal is not filled in but overgrown and empty of water.SAM_1698

From this point the canal is filled in, and behind where I was standing to take the photo disappears between a housing estate and an industrial estate. This is as far as we walked. We returned to the Leasowes  and walked around the lake we saw from the towpath.


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