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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Latest Version of the New Model Railway

Whilst we have been travelling my thoughts have been about the planning of the new model railway in the hold. I have had concerns about access through the hold especially the restricted width access pass the stand and mast. I have now come up with a new plan on paper, which will be converted to a balsa wood model when we get back to Warwick, unless I change my mind again in the meantime!


This is the latest drawing which I have been working on yesterday and today. The layout has grown a bit, from fitting just between the mast and the stand. It will now extend past the stand to just before the doors into the saloon. With the 1ft wide baseboard reduced to 3inches to give wider access past the stand, and the removable section across the saloon doors the full width of the doors. At the mast end I have shortened the 1ft wide baseboard with a diagonal removable section, to again give a wider access point past the mast.

This most regrettably means I will now have a layout section 16ft long instead of 12ft, a shame really. This has resulted in more space to fit the canal in, with two locks instead of one, and everything is above baseboard level, which will make it easier to construct. Whereas, in the previous version, part of the canal was below baseboard level, perfectly feasible but complicated to build. There is also more road, which will mean I can have more buildings such as houses, cottages, etc.. I m quite happy with this design now, and it should look more realistic and pleasing to the eye. 

I have also done it in mirror image, left to right. The reason for this is to take into account the slope of the boat from stern to bow. With the original plan the level section of the layout would have an incline and the incline would be an incline on an incline, and would be twice as steep! With this version the level section will be inclined, but the incline will actually be level, if that makes sense!


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