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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Buildings for the New Layout

These are some of the model buildings I will include on the layout.

This pair of cottages and the Post Office below can be combined as a terrace, which is what I will do, with the Post Office nearest the road junction.

Semi-detached cottagesPost office


This is the “Black Horse Inn” which will suit being near the canalside rather nicely.

Black Horse Inn


This will be the lock cottage.

lock_keepers cottage 1


This is the station booking office.

Station Building


This is the farmhouse and barn.



This thatched cottage will go somewhere on the layout hopefully.

lock_keepers cottage 2


No canal scene would complete without a pillbox.

Pill Box

I have already purchased and stored away the cottages, Post Office, pub, lock keepers cottage, barn and pillbox, and look forward to constructing them in the future. By buying them now I have probably saved money as no doubt by the time I start building the layout the prices will have gone up, but also they may well be taken out of production, which would no doubt be my luck.



Nev Wells said...

Looks good - is it N gauge or 00 ? One thing there does not seem to be is a railway modelling boat doing the trading shows... maybe at a £1 a viewing you could replace the coal business and fund the hobby? My N gauge layout is all still in the loft at home waiting for the day I get the space /time/money/ Inclination to start again !

Good Luck with the project

Nev NB Percy

Keith Lodge said...

Neither N nor 00, but 009. We don't do the "trading shows" and definitely not letting all and sundry trooping through our home.

Les Biggs said...

Excellent Keith. So many hours I spent modelling back in my house days. Please post as you build.

Keith Lodge said...

Will do Les.

Keith Lodge said...

I have now created a specific BLOG to record the building of my new model railway which can be found at It will be easier to follow as it will only have postings about the railway. Keith.