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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Tardebigge Wharf to Astwood lock No.18

Approaching Tardebigge top lock

One of the Tardebigge locks.

Tardebigge Reservoir.

One of the volunteer lock keepers, who helped us down 19 of the locks, and we very appreciated their help.

Countryside views down the locks.

This lock cottage owner is into amateur radio.

Both of our volunteer lock keepers.

We moored up in the Stoke Pound for lunch and once eaten, then decided to carry on.

Our volunteer lock keeper who helped us down the 6 Stoke locks.

Stoke Wharf.

Astwood locks.

More countryside views.

Astwood lock No.18 (fifth lock down of the six).

Lock-side garden at Astwood lock No.18.

Astwood lock No.18 lock cottage.

Offside view from our mooring.

Towpath side view.

Our mooring below Astwood lock No.18.

41 locks done today, that is the most Jo has done in one day.


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