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Monday, May 14, 2018

Upton to Lower Lode Inn

We set off this morning in company with our friends Adrian and Carol.

Tewkesbury Bridge.

The entrance/exit of the River Avon.

Approaching Upper Lode lock.

 Unfortunately whilst in Upper Lode lock I turned the engine off to hear what the lock-keeper was saying to the other boats. When I went to restart it the starter motor failed. Adrian and Carol expertly breasted up to us and brought us out of the lock to the pontoon moorings at Lower Lode Inn, where are are now moored.

The faulty starter motor, it has gone short circuit across the +ve and -ve terminals.

A quick phone call to the engineer who fitted it, and email sent with info and photos, and we are now awaiting him to bring us a replacement which he is going to have to build.


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