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Monday, April 08, 2019

BCLM to Hawne Basin, 8.7 miles, 3 locks

Very pleasant journey this morning, starting from BCLM.
Crossing Tividale aqueduct looking at the Netherton Tunnel portal.

Having turned into the Gower branch at Brades Hall junction and approaching the top lock.

Approaching Albion junction,

Approaching Sheepwash junction.

The temporary dam at the junction where they have the main line drained to work on the aqueduct.

Approaching Tividale aqueduct on the Netherton tunnel branch.

Approaching Netherton tunnel.

Entering Gosty Hill tunnel.

In Gosty Hill tunnel.

Entrance to Hawne basin, where we have to reverse through the bridge-hole into the basin.

Taking on 273 litres of diesel and water.

Now moored alongside Atlas and Malus in Hawne Basin.


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