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Monday, December 12, 2005

Week one of Hadar's build

Having watched all the steel arrive, we are now watching as Hadar come's together.
We will do a weekly report, hopefully on Monday's so we you can see how she has progressed.

Mon 5/12/05
The base plate welding is completed and the first cross members are put in place, starting forward of the engine room. The stern and swim area (the "swim" is the section of hull at the stern which narrows in underneath the waterline to the propellor and rudder) is all marked out ready.

Wed 7/12/05The final cross members are added and one mid-section side plate is tacked into postion, ready for welding.

Thur 8/12/05
The second mid-section side plate was prepared and tacked into place. The skeg (the skeg is a horizontal fin which extend rearwards from the end of the swim below the propellor to support the bottom end of the rudder) was welded into place at the stern. The forward and rear engine room bulkhead bases are tacked in place.

Fri 9/12/05
Both rear side-plates have been tacked into place forming the swim.

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1 comment:

Mo said...

She's looking good already. Its lovely to see how a narrowboat is made. Will they let you have a go with the arc welding?

Keep posting - we're watching.