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Monday, December 19, 2005

Week Two of Hadar's Build

We have made it through week two of our boat build. Monday saw the base of the counter tacked into place.The fuel tank sides were also tacked into place. After working out the templates for the front bulkhead, the steel was cut out and tacked into place. We could now appreciate how large Hadar was going to look from the front.

Roger put in place wooden templates for the bow structure, so we could see what the complete bow would look like, and we both through wow how impressive she was going to look, not to mention wide LOL. They also tacked in place the counter sides, so the stern has really taken shape now as you will see from the photographs. Having seen the templates for the bow structure, they used those templates to cut out the steel pieces.
The rest of the week was spent working on other boats in the yard, so that they are already for Christmas. One of the boats is going out for its shake down over Christmas so it has been important to make sure it is ready on time, and the steel arrived for another job in progress, so they were busy catching up on that as well.

As usual all up to date photograps are in the album, just click on Hadar photo's in the menu and you can enjoy watching Hadar's progress along with us. See you next week if there is anything to report. May we take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas, and all the very best for 2006.

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Silent Whispers said...

Wow - good progress, so how long will it actually take until it's finished?

Wishing you both a great christmas on the waterways! - huggs to both~