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Monday, March 20, 2006

Week Eleven

Monday 13th March 2006.
Another week and more work to be done on Hadar our new home to be.The edging strip along the roof line was tacked into place. This strip with take the dummy rivets.The doorway uprights have been tacked into place between the boatsman's cabin and the engine room.

Tuesday 14th March.
Steve 1 was off poorly. As we are well aware at this time of year, there are plenty of bugs going around.Steve 2 spent the day welding up and grinding back.

Wednesday 15th March.
Much the same as Tuesday.

Thursday 16th March.
No progress today as Steve 1 was still off poorly and Steve 2 was on holiday.

Friday 17th March.
Steve 1 was back at work feeling a little better, but not 100%.Firstly he started out by marking out and cutting out the bulkhead which will be between the boatsman's cabin and the engine room.He then proceded to tack them into place.

Whilst this week seemed like a slow week progress wise, we are still enjoying the process of watching new things happen every day. When all this is over, and we are crusing the system, we will be able to look aback on the diary and photograph album and smile, because we are watching our dream grow. For many they may find this the boring part, but for us it is pure joy. It also makes it more pleasureable because our boat Hadar is being built by a great team of people.So here's to the following weeks, and to more memory building.

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