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Monday, March 13, 2006

Week Ten

Monday 6th March 2006.
Both the Steve's spent some of the day welding and grinding back some of the tacked steel shell.Roger had gone off at 9am to collect our National engine, from Tony Redshaw at Braunston. Whilst he was there he asked for it to be run for a little while so he could hear it, and also take a video of it for us. Roger was back by early afternoon, and they set about taking the engine off the trailer. They had to remove the mounting blocks before lifting and positioning the engine into place in the engine room. Keith and I are so pleased with the engine, Tony and his son Paul have made a fantastic job of her, she looks fabulous with her shiny top and brass.

Tuesday 7th March.
The engine was moved so that the engine bay could be painted out with white paint, and the engine fixing points were welded into place on the fuel tanks, it was then a matter of waiting for the paint to dry before putting the engine back into place.Steve 2 was also busy working on the gas locker. He was squeezed into a small space welding in the floor.We also discussed the position for the water tank.

Wednesday 8th March.
A day tank for the diesel was made ready to go into the engine room when the time comes. Because there is no fuel pump we need a day tank, which we will have to hand pump every morning before setting off. The pigeon box was also made ready for the engine room roof.Steve 2 finished welding the floor into the gas locker.They then put the engine back into place.The final side for the boatmans cabin and engine room was lifted and tacked into place.

Thursday 9th March.
The gas locker was painted out.With the sides for the boatsmans cabin in place the shape was then cut into their tops ready to take the roof.

Friday 10th March.
The roof had its strengthening bars tacked on and was then lifted into place and tacked. So now the boat has its cabin sides and roofs. Hadar does already look fabulous, and we are so very happy with her progress. We feel very priviledged to have the opportunity to watch her being built, and thank Roger and the two Steve's for allowing us access to be able to take photographs, and ask questions about the build.Here's to another week of fun and games, and to further progress.

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Now that's an engine !!

Looking forward to hearing that on the cut.