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Monday, August 11, 2008

Relaxed Sunday.

Sunday 10th August.

It was a beginning to the day, with a breeze blowing down the canal. We once again had nothing planned for the day. Having had breakfast, I cleaned the brass in the back cabin; I wanted to clean the horse brasses. We then took a walk down to Cambrian Wharf, to see if Brenda and her husband were onboard their narrow boat Colehurst. Brenda has organised the BCN Explorer Cruise, so we thought it would be nice to introduce ourselves before the event. As we arrived at the Wharf, we could see that the doors to their boat were open, and were on board. Keith knocked on the boats side and Brenda came out to greet us both. We enjoyed a nice chat, before we were joined by Brian on N.B Kyle. N.B Kyle has a Russell Newbury engine, which runs on old engine oil. Brian collects it from anyone who has oil to give away; he then filters it to within an inch of its life and reuses it, so it was our chance to get rid of what we have in the hold. Brian would be collecting it on Tuesday.
It has been a day of boat watching, we have seen some of the boats joining us on the Cruise arrived, each one trying to find a mooring. If you’re not on the cruise you will be hard pushed to moor up. Even the Canada Geese were doing their best of keep out of the way. Every now and again they would swim past the boat honking as they went, wondering where they could go to get out of the way. By the time the evening was drawing in, so was the weather. One moment it was perfect sunshine, the next it was a deluge of rain. We sat and watched some of the Olympics, watching with pride as the Great Britain team fought hard in their events. Well done to Nicole Cooke on her gold in the cycling. It takes real dedication to work for years, so you can represent your country at the Olympics, and yet I feel that we do not always praise our athletes enough. It is so easy for us to sit in our arm chairs and say what they should be doing, but who are we to judge when we just sit doing nothing. Come on the Brits.

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