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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday 31st August.

Sunday 31st August.

Yesterday was such a fabulous day; we have a wonderful group of people around us. Yesterday ended with us sitting chatting with Ann and Alan from N.B Taliesin, Mark and Maggie from N.B Forever Young, Martin Fuller joined us, he is spending the weekend on the butty Ilford, Stuart from the blue top working boat Anne came and sat with us and arriving later in the afternoon Jimmy on N.B Border Reiver, moored alongside Ann and Alan and pulled up a stool. It was the most pleasant of afternoons. What made it though was our little visitor, who firstly was seen drinking from the abandoned beer cans, before being startled back into her/his hole in the grass. A piece of bread was then put down by the hole, and our visitor a tiny field mouse could not resist the temptation of free food.She/he was quite happy to let us watch as she/he dragged the bread into the tiny hole.Having dragged this huge piece of bread down into the hole, she/he was not seen for the rest of the evening. That amount of bread will probably feed a family for a couple of days. Nature is a marvellous thing.
So it is now Sunday and we awoke to the first foggy morning of the year. The heavy mist made everything seem so mysterious. I took Paddy out for his walk; I could hear voices coming from the festivals field, but could not see anyone due to the heavy mist. It was a little spooky.It is a reminder that autumn is almost upon us, with the 1st of September begin tomorrow.
The Festival site is now taking shape as marques are going up, and people are busying themselves. Other boats are beginning to arrive hoping to get a decent mooring. The historic boats already have their moorings reserved, so for them it is not so much of a worry to get here early. Moorings have also been reserved for The Fudge Boat, Chandlery Boat and Book Boat. We know The Fudge Boat is on its way as we passed it on our way here.
The sun did eventually poke its head out of the mist, whilst we had our morning coffee, so I took a stroll up the towpath and paid a visit to N.B Pickles No2. With the sun out it was really nice for all of ½ an hour, Keith and I sorted out the t-shirts we have collected to make rag rugs, we pulled out the bags with the red, white and blue t-shirts in them so we could begin to cut them up. Keith is hoping to start our rug this coming week. Having had lunch the weather began to take a downward turn, it started with a few drops of rain and ended in a deluge. The rest of the afternoon was a bit of a washout, so as the evening drew in and having seen the weather forecast for the next couple of days, we took the decision to put the holds sheeting back on, only tying it at the corners, so it is easy to take off again for the festival. The evening has ended the same as the day began, with a heavy mist coming down on the canal.

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