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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Market Harborough to Foxton

We left Market Harborough yesterday morning (Friday), having said our goodbye's to everyone. Although we will be back there very shortly, because Keith has to go back to Kettering Hospital. We enjoyed a two hour cruise to Foxton, where we are now moored up for the weekend. On our run into Foxton we passed NB Balmaha. At the time there was no one on board, but later Mo and Nessa came and found us. We sat enjoying a cuppa in a rather warm and cosy boat. It was nice to catch up on their news. Keith regaled them with everything he had been through over the past few weeks. Mo wanted all the gory bits included LOL. Time certainly flew and it was then sadly time for them to head back to their boat. We always enjoy chatting to Mo and Nessa. It is amazing how much we chat about when we meet up and it is not all boating stuff.

We woke this morning to a heavy frost. With the sun out it is now fabulous outside. We have been out and dropped off coal fliers to boaters and chatted to people along the way. We will have to wait and see if we get any requests for coal etc. The winter coal prices have now kicked in as has the cold weather, so I have my fingers crossed for a good run over the winter.

Our coal prices for this winter are as follows.
Taybrite 25kg £9.50
Pureglow 25kg £8.50
House Coal 25kg £7.00
Kindling (Large Bag) £4.00
Firelighters £1/£2
Toilet Blue 4 ltr £9.50


FMC Grange said...

Keith and Joe
We were moored at Foxton on the Market Harbrough arm over the weekend 6th,7th,8th November.My son in London sent me a link to your blog, unprompted thinking it may be of interest. I realised straight away that we were moored more or less opposite each other.I wanted to just apologise for the racket as we painted gas lockers and fettled late into the night ready for a boat safety survey at Crick our sincere apologies I hope we didnt keep you awake after your hospital visits etc. Good luck with your great endeavour,hope to see you over the winter for some coal.

Tim and Heather NB Grange {blue converted working boat}

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Tim and Heather.

Lovely to hear from you. When we moored up, I thought I recognised the boat, from when she was up for sale. A friend of ours had been to look at her.
Please do not apologise. It did not bother us at all. Infact we hardly heard anything. The only thing I heard was a generator running, but not sure if that was you. I hope all went well with the boat safety. As for the hospital situation, that is still on going as we wait for another appointment to get biopsy results.
Thank you for your good luck wishes, and I am sure we will see you over the winter, as we will be up and down between Kilby Bridge and Market Harborough, whilst the Foxton Locks are shut. We will then move to Crick as well after Christmas. Our coal run is Kilby Bridge to Crick, taking in MH and Welford. If you need coal just give us a shout and we will be happy to supply you.

Kind regards Jo xx