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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Coal delivery

Keith came home on Monday which was absolutely fantastic. After a train and a couple of taxi's we were safely back on the boat, where Keith received a very excited welcome from Paddy. Marmite was much more laid back, managing a yawn and a meow at the same time. Keith is feeling much better, but is still on antibiotics and pain killers, until we see the consultant in his clinic, where we will get the results of the biopsy taken, this should happen in around two weeks.
Keith has been taking it easy since coming home. I am making sure he does not overdo things, as I do not want him back in hospital again. The one good thing about having him home, is the fact that I have been getting some sleep. It is so wonderful to have him home.

This morning we took on a delivery of coal from W.G Hill Coal Merchants. Tom owns and runs the pair of historic working boats Archimedes and Ara down in London, where he sells coal, diesel etc. Whilst Chris and Tom, unloaded the lorry. I stacked the 25kg bags of coal in the hold. Keith was in charge of taking the photographs. This time we have also taken on some Toilet Blue, increasing the list of things we sell, which include, Smokeless fuels, House coal, Kindling, Firelights and now Toilet Blue. We are limited to how much we can take on. This delivery has bought us back up to 7 tonne. Hadar is sitting down nicely now. We hope to move off tomorrow for a few days. Our only worry now is that we can actually move, because the water level is well down at the moment and has been for the past couple of weeks. We will find out tomorrow if we are going to be going anywhere LOL. We will have to be back at Market Harborough, to get to Keith's hospital appointment, but there seems no point in us just sitting here for the next two weeks. We just as well go off and deliver coal.


Bill Rodgers said...

Although I've never heard your voice, in my mind's ear, I can hear the relief you feel having Keith home. I'm glad for both of you.

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Bill.
Thank you for your message.
The relief I felt, when they said he could come home, had to be seen. Keith is all I have in the world right now, so he is the most important person in my life. Being without him was torture. So now I am making the most of him LOL.