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Friday, October 30, 2009

Another News Update on Keith.

Wonderful news is always followed by not so great news and that came yesterday morning, when the Urologist had a change of heart about taking Keith to theatre. He was on the list for the afternoon. The surgeons had an x-ray meeting and he was one of the patients they chatted about, and it was decided that further investigation was needed. But not before there was arguements between the nursing staff as to whether he was or was not going. Total confusion rained until finally at 2pm he was taken down to theatre, where they did an internal scan and a biopsy. He came back to the ward at 4.15pm wide awake and very happy. I was just relieved that he was alright and that they had looked after him. So with no news on results last night at 6.30pm when I left him, I went back up to the hospital at 7.30am this morning to finally see his consultant.
The news today so far is that if he remains well over the weekend they will allow him home on Monday. We then have to wait for 2 weeks to get the results of the biopsy. We will go up to the clinic for that. So finally they have done something that will show what is wrong with him. The Urology Consultant told us this morning, that it is very unusual what Keith has and therefore they are not sure yet what they are dealing with. He is still going with the cyst idea, but we shall see.Thank you for all your messages of support, it has been a great help.


Bruce in Sanity said...

It must be really hard. Do give our best wishes to Keith, and we hope that the results turn out OK: don't know why it should take two weeks!

All the best

Bruce and Sheila

Keith Lodge said...

I don'r know either, but I guess it takes a while to grow the cultures.
I will send him your best wishes.
Happy cruising.
Jo x

evelyn booth said...

Hi Jo,

So far , so good. Stay positive and keep your batteries charged! Look forward to good news.


Evelyn and Graham

evelyn Booth said...

Hi Jo

So far, so good. Stay positive and keep your batteries charged! Cheers,

Evelyn and Graham

Keith Lodge said...

Evelyn. We will cross each bridge as we get to it. The Consultant was steering towards a cyst, but he said it was unusual. Trust Keith to be the odd one out LOL.
Hope you both have a good weekend xx

************** Brian and Diana on NB Harnser******** Maps by said...

Its good that Keith is feeling better and the antibiotics are starting to work, I hope they manage to find the root cause of his problems and sort it once and for all.
Brian and Diana

Keith Lodge said...

Brian and Diana. Good morning from a wet MH. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a good outcome. Then we can get on with enjoying our boating this winter. But it is a step at a time, and making sure Keith does not overdo things.

Del and Al said...

Hi Jo
Hope Keith is now on the mend, fingers crossed, and all his problems get sorted out. Hope you're ok Jo, make sure you look after yourself as well. Big hugs Del & Al xxx

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Del and Al. Been reading your blog and keeping up to date on your cruising.
Keith is definitely coming home tomorrow and then we wait for the results, keeping fingers crossed.
I am fine, I have been kept busy and fit with all the walking I have done everyday, to and from the stations. I will be happy when Keith gets back on the boat. Then I will get some sleep. Happy cruising. Jo xx