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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Keith Update.

Over the past few days. Keith has been pushed, prodded and scanned to within an inch of his life. He has also been filled with antibiotics and pills until he rattles. At night he takes nine tablets before bed. Yesterday he was given an MRI scan, which was another step up the very long staircase, which we have both been climbing since he was taken into Kettering Hospital on the 19th October. Hoping that the doctor would be around with the results this morning, I was up early. In fact I was awake at 4.30am, like every other morning since he has been in hospital, so got Paddy and Marmite organised and went to the train station to catch the 8.16am train to Kettering. Five minutes before its due arrival, it was announced it had been cancelled due to signal failure. On talking to another passenger, they told me the same thing had happened yesterday. This meant that I missed seeing Keith's doctor, because I had to wait for the next train. I do understand these things happen, but it was annoying. Anyway I had a lovely visit with Keith. There was no news on the MRI scan results, they should be known later on this afternoon. But the doctor did tell Keith that he is booked on the emergency theatre list for tomorrow, but it will only happen if another emergency does not come in. Such as a road traffic accident or such like. So can everyone pray that there are no such emergencies please. Keith is in good spirits and lapping up the attention from the nurses. The ward he is now in Pretty B, has 4 other male patients in it, 3 of which are waiting to go home. So it is really quiet and he has been able to get plenty of sleep. Well that is when he is not being woken up for his tablets and temperature being taken. So that is where we are at the moment. We are making slow progress, but at least it is progress. I cannot wait to have him home. Kettering Hostpital is excellent and they have certainly been looking after Keith well. They are also very strict on hygiene, with the threat of Swine Flu, MRSA etc. His ward only allows visitors for an hour each evening from 6pm to 7pm. They have given me special permission to go up in the mornings, because of my circumstances. Another wonderful service they offer free of charge is egreeting cards, which is a great way to get around the postal strikes and paying postage LOL. I will post again when I have more information. But for now. No matter where you are, take care and stay safe.


Chris said...

Send Keith my regards Jo.

Chris H

Keith Lodge said...

Thanks Chris, I will pass it on when I see him tomorrow. x

Evelyn Booth said...

Hi Jo

Hope all goes well, and keep posting!

Nev Wells said...


I will be thinking positive thoughts for you and Keith,

Take care and best wishes for normality soon,