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Friday, June 04, 2010

Welcome Visitors.

Hi Friends.

Over the past few days, it has been lovely weatherwise.

I hope the sunny weather has been with you as well?

Keith is doing extremely well. He looks so well now and cannot wait to get moving. He is totally pain free still, which is fantastic. It is so nice to have him back to his normal self.

I have had a Cortisone injection in my right shoulder, to help with my partially frozen shoulder. I have to rest it for a couple of days and then start the exercises given to me on a sheet of paper. I am quite sure that this will do the trick and I will be in full working order by the time we begin our Winter coal run again in October.

Yesterday friends John and Jo arrived back in the basin on NB Acen, they are here for a month. It was lovely to see them again, along with their Whippets Purdy and Darcy.

Also welcome visitors are Sheila and Bruce on their brand new narrowboat Sanity Again. They had been showing their new Braidbar boat at Crick. They arrived in Market Harborough yesterday. Today we took the opportunity to go and have a peek around their lovely looking boat. It really is beautiful inside and out and they are of course very pleased with it. It was fabulous to be able to catch up with them on all aspects of news and gossip over a cuppa. They are heading off tomorrow, but I am sure we will see them somewhere on the cut again soon.

Our other welcome visitors were the swan family. The pen and cob brought their family of now eight cygnets to the basin for the first time. Sadly they have lost one of the cygnets over the past couple of weeks. I have a feeling it was probably the one I saw lagging behind after they all took to the water from the nest. They are the most beautiful family. Neither the pen or cob are at all agressive, they still take food from the hand, which is really lovely, because normally swans can get very agressive when they have young.


Bruce in Sanity said...

Thanks, Jo. A great photo of Sanity Again, too.

All the best


Keith Lodge said...

Hi Bruce.
It was lovely to see you both and your beautiful boat. We hope you enjoy the National Festival and the weather is good.
Take care.
Jo & Keith x