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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Black Jack's to Rickmansworth.

Hi Friends.

We have successfully made it to Rickmansworth. I say successfully as as soon as we set off from our mooring above Black Jack's lock this morning the engine died. We were heading towards the island, and managed to get her tied up, sort of with some help from people on the island. To clean the oil filter yesterday Keith had drained some diesel out of the fuel filter, which had created an air lock. Having worked out what the problem was, we soon had it sorted out and were on our way again, but not after having a coffee with John off of Lincoln and Jane who owns the land. Thank you to everyone who helped us out.


Simon said...

Hi again!

turns out the paddles on the locks were down to BW - I met a guy much further down who was running water down the system. he said he'd opened them up at 6.30, so I needn't worry about having closed them. Ironically I had to leave the bottom gate open, as a swam family went in as I pulled the boat out... ;-)

Karen Whittal said...

You really do have an interesting life, I just love reading about all the places you go, what an experience

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Simon. Thanks for letting us know. Nice of him not to think of the boaters who would be listing due to the paddles being open for so long. Hope you got back to base ok?

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Karen. Welcome onboard. Glad you like the blog and reading about out life.
We love the life we live, but it is hard work and not for everyone.
I try to make the blog as interesting as possible, but it is not always easy, because sometimes we do not have a good signal. Thank you for popping in. Jo

Ju said...

Hi Jo & Heith
Lovely to meet you both on Monday, sorry we didn't get too long to chat, next time we meet we will stop for a proper chat. We picked our daughter up yesterday and are now on the Paddington Arm. Keep up the good work on the block I do enjoy reading it. Regards Judith & John on Serena.

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Judith and John. Glad you made it to Paddington ok and managed to pick up your daughter. It is always lovely to meet new people and especially those who take the trouble to sit down and read the blog. Look forward to seeing you both again sometime. Happy cruising. Jo