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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shardlow to Loughborough

We are now moored at Loughborough Wharf, 11.8miles 8 locks. It has been a lovely first run up the River Soar from the Trent, and as per usual as soon as we hit broad locks, not another boat in sight to share them with.

Having moored up at the Wharf, I heard something hit the roof of the boat, so I jumped out of the boat, to see a couple of school kids walking off. They had also thrown stones at another boat.
Soon after that the 3 other boats that were moored up left, So we decided to move out of the wharf after I did a small shop at Sainsbury's, as we didn't fancy staying there on our own overnight. We have now moved to Miller's Br.34, 1.1miles no locks, to a nice countryside mooring just outside Loughborough. We both feel a lot happier now we are out in the country.

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evelyn Booth said...

Hi Jo and Keith,

Sorry K's not been well and hope all goes well from now on.
Got back from our hol on 30th Sept after a relaxing time up the Caldon. Dogs are perfect boat dogs now and would help at locks if they could!!
Stourbridge rally two weeks time so preparing for that.
Keep in touch. Evelyn