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Friday, September 18, 2009

Unwell at Great Haywood.

Our journey on to the Leicester Section of the Grand Union for our winter coal run, has been delayed by ill health.
On Tuesday when we arrived below Great Haywood Lock, Keith said he was feeling unwell. He was finding it difficult to pass water and felt as if he had a temperature. On Wednesday morning he was at the doctors in Great Haywood and was put on antibiotics for a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), which is uncommon in men and can be dangerous for a them. Thursday he looked to be improving, but come the afternoon he took a downward turn, with his temperature exploding and he then developed uncontrollable shakes, which made breathing difficult. I immediately called an ambulance and within 2 minutes paramedics were on hand to help him out. Keith had a temperature of 106 degrees F, and was very poorly. They took him into Stafford General Hospital, where he was put on a drip to rehydrate him and bloods were done. His bloods came back clear, which was good, because it meant the infection was water born and not in his blood. With Keith rehydrated, they allowed him back to the boat later in the evening. We came home by taxi and settled in for the evening. After a restless night, Keith is feeling a little better and his temperature is much more acceptable, but I think we will stay put in case he needs further help. I am now waiting for the BW mooring warden to call me back, as we are on a 48 hour mooring and not moving. I have seen the doctor this morning and she does not want us going anywhere, as they want to keep an eye on Keith.
So we are not going far at the moment. I will keep you posted if anything changes.


Bruce in Sanity said...

Hi Jo

Best wishes to Keith, hope he's soon on his feet again!

All the best

Bruce and Sheila

CapricornWoman said...

Ohh that sounds nasty... Hope Keith is making a speedy recovery now.

Best wishes to you both, Diana x

Mo said...

Poor old Keith, how horrible, get well soon.

Hope to see you on the Leicester section all fit and well again.

Mo and Nessa

Anonymous said...

We send you both our best wishes and we hope that Keith recovers quickly.

Alan and Frances

Keith Lodge said...

Thank you for your messages. Thankfully Keith is now much improved and if all goes well we may move tomorrow. It is not something he wants to repeat in a hurry and my advice to any man, if you get a UTI is to seek medical attention ASAP. Because it is not at all nice.
Happy Cruising everyone and once again Thank you for caring. xx

Del and Al said...

Take care and get well soon Keith xx