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Monday, September 14, 2009

The year flows on and so do we.

Having enjoyed a wonderful summer, cruising with friends, seeing new places and meeting new friends, we finished up back in Stone at Roger Fuller's boatyard, to have some bits and pieces done on the boat.

As of this morning we said our goodbye's and have now left Stone and are moored at Upper Burston Br.86, 3.6miles 5 locks, one of our favourite mooring places. Keith even managed to get through dodgey Br.86 without hitting anything for the first time ever, lol.

We are now making our way towards the Leicester Section of the GU, which will be our home for the winter as we start our winter coal run at the beginning of October until the end of March. You can follow our whereabouts on Facebook as Hadar has her own Fan Club. We both hope that everyone has enjoyed a good boating summer, we know we have.


Whitewater said...

I am annoyed as I am sure I saw you as I passed and never said hi. I was tied up the top of end of Stone Friday. I am on the Leek arm of the Caldon at the moment

Keith Lodge said...

Awww never mind. I am quite sure that we will meet again, sometime and then we will be able to say hi. Happy cruising.