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Friday, December 11, 2009

Back at Foxton.

After what was a fabulous nights sleep. We were awake at 6am drinking coffee in bed. The only sounds we could hear, were a Tawny Owl and the ticking of our clock. Outside it was heavy with fog and frost. With there being no need to hurry, we did not set off until just gone 10 am. All was quiet, nothing was stirring and were certainly no other boats about.
Having done 2.6 miles we are now back at Foxton Junction for the weekend. So if you need any coal, please come and pay us a visit. I have just put a casserole pan full of mince beef curry in the back cabin stove, which will keep us going for a couple of days. Marmite and Paddy are out on the back counter of the boat. I can always tell when people are about outside, because Paddy's tail wags madly. If the weathers good, they will both spend a lot of time on the back counter. The walkers can have a treat with the smell of the curry wafting out of the back cabin. Maybe that will make them hungry enough to go and eat at the Foxton Locks Inn or The Bridge 61 pub.

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