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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is back at Market Harborough.

No one can have failed to have noticed that it has got colder, and of course Christmas is now just around the corner. The weather forecasters are saying snow is coming. We have heard from others that it has already arrived down South. We are hoping it comes to us on the Leicester Section of the Grand Union Canal, because we love the snow. Last winter I was like a child all over again. So I say bring it on wooooo hooooo.
Today we have moved from Bridge 14 and have cruised the 1.2 miles into Market Harborough Basin, where we will be until our coal delivery arrives tomorrow. So if the snow is coming our way, could it just wait until our coal arrives from Hills Coal Merchants as we are getting low. We want to make sure we have enough to last us over Christmas and the New Year. Already people have been coming along to collect their coal, just in case the weather should take a turn downward.
We have taken the sheeting ropes off of the hold. They are now getting a hot wash to get rid of the green which has gathered on them over the past few months. We are also going food shopping for Christmas. We will get the bulk of it done today, and then just have bits and bobs to get on Christmas Eve, as I hate food shopping close to Christmas, because it gets to manic and people get rude.
Hope everyone is keeping warm and cosy.


Anonymous said...

Well Jo, after reading that bit at the top I had visions of you doing cart-wheelies in the snow,,, we need pictures,,, LOL


Keith Lodge said...

LMAO Heth. So you want to see me break a leg huh???
Gosh I have not done a cart wheel, since I left school.... MMMm maybe I will give it a go. I am game for a laugh.... Keith get the camera ready hehehe.