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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Fleckney to Kilby Bridge.

Having spent a peaceful night at Fleckney. We left our mooring at 9.05am on a sunny, chilly morning. It was really tranquil, not even the wind was present. We were definitely not short of water on this jaunt to Kilby Bridge. It was pouring over the lock gates at many of the 12 locks. Roy who had been down to below Crane Lock with his tug and pan, had very kindly left the first five locks in our favour (Thanks Roy). This section of locks are not the kindest of locks, due to the gates being poorly balanced. I spent a fair amount of time walking around the gates to make sure they shut behind us, as we want to make sure we conserve water, whilst Foxton Locks are shut. The exercise does me the world of good. I managed over 5,000 steps this morning wooo hooo. The scenery on this section is absolutely wonderful, and at this time of the year you can see for miles. But what caught our eye, was this fascinating cloud formation. It got me wondering.
Is this what the highway to heaven looks like???With there being no wind at all, everything around us was still, including the water. I know there is a song in this title somewhere LOL 'A bridge over calm water'. We enjoyed the 4 hour cruise along 5.2 miles of pretty canal, taking in 12 locks for the exercise. We did not see another boat moving, it is all very quiet.

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