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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Buckby Flight to the Welford Arm

Hi Folks.

We are now at the Welford Arm, having had a long but fantastic days cruising. We managed to cruise for 8 hrs and 35mins, doing 17.4 miles and 9 locks. I lost count of the bridges we went under ha ha ha. At the Watford flight Keith and I helped set locks for the four boats coming down, so we are now Cream Crackered but in a good way.
Hi to Diana and Brian on NB Return to Sender, who very kindly bought coal from us whilst coming down the Watford Flight. Thank you and we hope we will see you again sometime for a longer chat. I know you read the blog, so now you are famous for five minutes LOL.
Dinner is cooking so all is very well with our world. I think we may both sleep well tonight.

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