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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stoke Bruerne to Muscott's Bridge (18)

Hi Friends.

Keith and I enjoyed a fantastic weekend at Stoke Bruerne. The Village at War event was just brilliant. So a huge thank you to everyone who helped to make it such a wonderful event. Although Sunday was a wet day, people still came out and enjoyed everything that was going on. We will definitely be going again next year.

We left Stoke Bruerne this morning behind the Cheese and Fudge boats and are now moored at Muscutt Bridge (18) near the Heart of the Shires Shopping Village, which we paid a visit too.

On our journey this morning we met up with Lesley off of nb Caxton and Jill off of nb Matilda Rose, they were out walking their dogs. We did not get the opportunity to stop for a chat, but hopefully we will see them again sometime for a proper natter.

It has been a wonderful day, with lots of sunshine. Tomorrow we will make our way up the Buckby Flight. Let's hope we have someone to share with.


Unknown said...

A cheese boat and a fudge boat? Like your coal boat? Wow! Why doen't they have boats like that where I am in the water. Well, in Block Island, there is a pastry, bread and pizza boat that comes by the morning and again at night with pies and shrimp cocktails. :)

Del and Al said...

Hi Both
Glad you had a brill time, the Village at War weekend sounds great, reminded us of the great festival weekend we all had last year! Take care and see you over the winter x

Keith Lodge said...

Rosemary :- Perhaps this could be an opening for you, cheese or fudge. The cheese boat has it delivered but the fudge boat make fudge onboard. They have proved very successful over here.

Del & Al :- We had a great weekend, you will have to attend one year.