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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Now above the Buckby Flight.

Hi Friends.

We are now moored above Buckby top lock, have cruised 1.9miles, worked 7 locks, in 2hrs 10mins. We are close to the New Inn Pub. We had a nice cruise up the flight, with the help of the crews off of Relaine and Annie Rose, who followed us up the flight. Thank you for their help. We have had an afternoon of boat jobs, which are now all done. Moored in front of us are Ray and Jayne on NB No Direction. Tomorrow we are heading on to the Leicester Arm to begin the Winter coal run properly, so if you need coal and your on the Leicester Arm from Crick down to Market Harborough, please look out for us.


Unknown said...

The heat is on here!!! WE sleep with our windows open at night, under a nice duvet, but come morning, I let Hubby go first. I have perfected the art of sleeping in at least 30 minutes longer than he does. He closes the window and turns on the heat before I bravely sally forth from my comfy, warm bed. :)

Keith Lodge said...

Similar to here at present, we only have the one coal stove going at the moment. Not cold enough for both yet.