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Friday, May 27, 2016

Consall Forge to Froghall Basin.

This morning we set off from Consall Forge for the final leg to Froghall. Passing alongside Consall Forge railway station.


We descended Flint Mill lock, but Hadar was too high for the height gauge immediately below the lock to gauge clearance for Froghall tunnel. This gauge is important for boats over 65ft long, as the winding hole above the lock is the last full length one. We refilled the lock and reversed out to allow a boat below to come up. We moored up temporarily and shifted some coal forward in the hold. We descended the lock again, and she still didn’t clear the gauge, but was close so we carried on to the tunnel and I tested against the gauge at the tunnel which was a bit of guess work as the crucial for us middle section of the gauge was missing, but I decided we needed to move some more coal. Having moved some more, I tried again and was still not happy, so we moved some more. On the 3rd attempt I decided it was possible, so went for it!


I am in the tunnel, but you can’t see I was actually in my knees and steering through!!


Having successfully negotiated the tunnel without leaving any paint work inside it, turning into the basin lock.


Manoeuvring in the basin into the finger pontoons.


Moored safely in Froghall basin.


Having moved the coal forward in the hold to being the bow down, the stern has come up by 2”"inches! Cavitating well !!



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