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Thursday, May 05, 2016


This morning we visited the Museum of Liverpool which is on the waterfront close to where we are moored. Whist waiting for the doors to open at 10.00am we came across the Mann Island lock we came through, and will do again tomorrow morning.


The front of the Museum of Liverpool as seen from alongside the Liverpool canal link.


This model of the Empire State Building has been made from Bayko, I think I will need quite a bit more to build this!


We went for another Chinese Buffet at City Buffet, and found they had some new items on offer by way of a change. After lunch we then visited the Maritime Museum, which has some superb models of ships of different types and sizes. The tug Brocklebank has now been joined by the steam tug Daniel Adamson for a special “Steam on the Dock” weekend here at the docks.


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