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Monday, May 16, 2016

Dutton to Paddy’s Wood, West of Wheelock.

A cold start to the day, I even contemplated putting an extra pair of socks on, but it did warm up for the afternoon. On our journey to Liverpool I discovered the bridge I hit with “Pisces”. Today we passed it again and I got a photo of the scar which is still there, along with another on next to it.



We had a short wait at Saltersford tunnel as it is timed entry and we had to wait for half pas the hour before we could go through.



We passed “Halsall” heading north, we will see him at Etruria. We had fun and games at Middlewich. We arrived at the bottom of the three locks to join a queue of 3 boats waiting to go up the locks. Having negotiated them, I was then confronted by one of them, having tried to turn into the Middlewich branch, and failed with the wind taking him onto the boats moored at King’s lock chandlery. As he reversed back into the junction winding hole, I shot past him. He managed to achieve it as we left King’s lock. However all of this set us back time wise. We arrived at 5:30pm and moored at Paddy's Wood, between Rookery Railway Bridge No.158 and Bridge No.157 West of Wheelock.



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