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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cosgrove to Milton Keynes.

Tuesday 24th March.

Cosgrove to Milton Keynes, 6.5 miles.

Keith and I were both awake at 5.30am, so Marmite thought it was a good opportunity to climb in under the duvet, where she made herself very comfortable for half an hour. Having tried to doze back off to sleep and failed, we both got up, had breakfast and a cuppa, before I took Paddy out for his morning walk. It was a beautiful morning and thankfully the strong winds from yesterday had dropped considerably. Last night it was blowing a gale, we even had waves on the canal. Around 8am we heard Roy leave on NB Gerald No13, he was heading for Wolverton just like us to do a shop at the Tesco there. At 8.45am we got underway, and by 9.15am we were moored up in Wolverton behind NB Gerald No13. we then donned our rucksacks and walked the short distance to the supermarket, meeting Roy who was heading back to his boat. We told him we would see him later, which we did at Linford Wharf. We tried to moor up with him but it was to shallow, so we moved on to Giffard Park, but it was just the same there, so in the end we have ended up mooring in Milton Keynes at Campbell Park. It is always so easy to spot when you are heading into a more built up area. There is a lot more rubbish floating in the canal and the bridges are spray painted with graffiti. Having moored up, I made us some lunch. We then took the chimney apart on the back cabin stove, to give it a proper clean. Keith used a small crowbar to chip all the tar from the inside of the chimney. We put the chimney back in place and I relit the fire. We will do it again once the fire is put out for the summer. It will then be nice and clean for the Autumn. There is always something that needs to be done when living on a boat. I look like I have been down a coal mine. Just as well I am not the sort of woman who likes nice clothes and manicured nails LOL.

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