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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Milton Keynes to Fenny Stratford.

Wednesday 25th March.

Milton Keynes to Fenny Stratford, 3.7 miles.

It was another bright and breezy start to the day, after a very blustery night. Yet again we were awake early, this time it was 5.10am. Someone once told me that the older you get, the less sleep you require and your sleep pattern is disrupted. I am beginning to think they were right. There was nothing else for it, but for me to get up and make us a cup of tea. After a cuppa we did doze back off to sleep of a sorts before finally getting out of bed at around 7.40am. Having done the usual morning stuff, we left our overnight mooring at 8.55am and travelled the 3.7 miles to Fenny Stratford, where we may stay for a couple of days. The jaunt was uneventful, even though the wind was gaining in strength. We moored up at 10.15am and were followed by Roy at around 11.10am. A BW patrol officer came along the towpath checking the boats licences, so I passed the time of day with him.
We were enjoying lunch when Hadar was clobbered by another boat. I put my head out of the engine room door, to see who it was to see a BW work boat coming alongside. The BW man steering apologised for hitting us, he said "I am sorry luv, I have a long one and it is hard to handle in this wind". My reply was "You may want to rephrase that", which made him laugh. It was true to say that the wind did blow them into us and I told him it was not a problem, after all Hadar is a working boat. I think he felt a little embarassed.
Hadar has had a couple of visitors onboard. Keith's cousin Jill, who he had not seen for many years came to see us. They had a lot of catching up to do over a coffee. It was very nice to meet Jill and we look forward to seeing Jill and her husband Steve on the return journey. Roy came onboard later in the afternoon for coffee and a chat on what the plans are for the next few days. Roy is also going to the Little Venice Cavalcade, so we will definitely be seeing a lot more of him over the next few weeks. It is great because it means we can share locks and the work load. So we will now see what tomorrow brings, but from the look of the forecast we will not be going to far.

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