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Friday, March 27, 2009

The Globe Inn to Horton.

Friday 27th March.

The Globe Inn to Horton, 6 miles and 5 locks.
We spent a peaceful night outside the Globe Inn, well almost a peaceful night. Today was going to be one of those days when we would change our minds. That is the joy of living onboard and having plenty of time to do as we like. We were going to stay at the Globe Inn, but having got up to a lovely morning we decided we would move off. We do have in the front of our minds that we need to be in Uxbridge for the 11th April and would rather not have to rush later on because we have been too relaxed.
For Keith and I our morning began at 3.15am when we were woken up by an ear piercing screech in the darkness. It was clearly from an animal fighting off an attacker, there was then a stunned silence; we could not hear a sound, not even the busy road near by. We could only presume that the animal lost the fight and more than likely became a fox's breakfast. We both went back off to sleep until 6am, when I lay listening to the sounds of the morning. A woodpecker was pounding at a tree trunk in the distance, whilst close to the boat a Chiffchaff, was giving its distinctive version of the Chiffchaff song, then a Collared Dove joined in and it was not long before I was listening to a chorus of birdsong. What a fabulous way to begin the day.8.15am we slipped our mooring. On our way to Leighton Lock we saw NB Lazy Days, but as it was early no one was around. At Leighton Lock a couple of BW guys were clearing rubbish from behind the lock gates. After the lock we crept past the Wyvern Shipping Company hire boats, which are all looking pristine, ready for the season ahead.By 9am we had arrived at Tesco in Leighton Buzzard, where we did a top-up shop of any extras we needed. Whilst I put the shopping away, Keith checked the propeller, as he suspected we had something wrapped around it. That suspicion was proved correct, with lots of clear plastic and blue rope being pulled out of the weed hatch. Whilst Keith had a good wash after his stint down the weed hatch, I made us a coffee and we headed off. The breeze had now got up yet again, making life a little more difficult. As we headed out into the countryside, we caught our first views of the Dunstable Downs and the Chilterns, where the proud Whipsnade White Lion stands. The Lion was cut into the side of the hill in 1935 and is over 480ft long, it is really impressive. We were getting a little battered by the cross wind, but with Grove, Church, Slapton and Horton Locks being with us, it made our lives a little easier. We decided to moor up for the rest of the weekend above Horton Lock, where there are some splendid views across the valley and the country smells from the farm across the canal. Brings back childhood memories.

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