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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time to move on.

We have enjoyed our 14 days at Kilby Bridge, it is now time to move off. We received a text message from T-Mobile today to say my mobile modem is fixed which is excellent news. They will now post it to our base address and we will have it sent on to us, when Hadar is having her bottom blacked in April.
Tomorrow we will be moving off and we will not be going alone. We are going to share the locks and the journey with Mo and Vanessa on NB Balmaha. They arrived at Kilby Bridge a few days ago, and joined us onboard Hadar for a cuppa and a chat. Mo and Vanessa are a lovely couple and we could chat to them for hours, which is pretty much what we did, as the time flew by. They are looking to move off tomorrow as well, so it seems sensible to share the locks and the hard work. We have really loved our time at Kilby Bridge, everyone has been so welcoming and nice. I even got to see a Kingfisher close up whilst having a coffee with Alison on her boat. The Kingfisher settled on the BW work boat, no more than 8ft in front of us. It was amazing to be that close to such a magnificent little bird. The following day I was working in the back cabin when I heard a screeching commotion going on outside, so I popped my head out of the door and there scampering along the towpath was a stoat. I reckon it was running from something, but could not see what. That is now my second encounter with a stoat. I never realised just how tiny they were.
So we will say goodbye to Kilby Bridge in the morning, heading back to Wistow and Foxton.

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