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Friday, September 24, 2010

Mountain Barn Bridge to Crick

Hi friends old and new.

We left our overnight mooring at Mountain Barn Bridge and are now moored at Crick for the weekend, after cruising in strong winds and a howling gale. With the weather taking a down turn, coal sales are on the increase, as people decide it is time to light their fires. It was nice catching up with some old friends and meeting some new friends, who we hope to supply coal to this Winter, as we continue the coal run from Crick to Kilby Bridge, Welford and Market Harborough. Life does not get much better than this.


Jameisons Afloat said...

Hi to you both, You are quite right we lit our fire today after holding off as long as possible. We are at Cosgrove for the next 2 weeks and then heading for Fenny Stratford. Ian is due to see the consultant on the 4th October so keeping fingers crossed that our cruising days will continue. Happy belated birthday Keith. Hope to see you at Kilby Bridge beginning of November

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Irene. I will keep you both in my thoughts on October 4th and hope that all goes well for Ian. If we are not at Kilby Bridge we will be between Crick and Market Harborough.
Pleased all is well with you now Irene. You have certainly been having a time of it. Let's hope things are about to change for the better. Jo x

Unknown said...

The weater is in flux here in Southern Ontario. Yesterday it was 31.5 C and today it's 17!!! The tomatoe plants are finished, but we are getting our final roses display before the killer frosts arrive. Pumpkins are here, leaves are changing to their blazing fall colours and we are back under the duvet at night to sleep. Still haven't lit the fires, but it won't be long.

How is Ian's medical issue getting along? Hope things work out well for you.

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Rosemary.

The weather is certainly on the change here, with it turning cooler especially at night. The back stove is lit, keeping us very cosy.

I think you meant Keith when you said Ian. Keith is doing just fine at the moment and long may this continue.

I hope the coming week is kind to you and yours. Jo x