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Thursday, September 25, 2008

And so the jobs have come to a conclusion.

The rope we had been waiting for arrived from Tradline Rope and Fenders, which meant we could get on with roping up the hold. Keith and I measured the first piece of rope before he sat and spliced loops onto the end.
Keith spent the last couple of days, splicing loops into ropes and making sure they are the right length for the hold.We then set about roping the hold up properly, well according to British Waterways Working Boat Cepheus, which is moored in Roger's Basin. It seems that there are several different ways to rope up a hold, so if you see our roping up and think it does not look right, we have just done it as we have seen others done LOL. With the hold now restrung, we are both much happier with the look of our boat. She looks lovely now.This morning Roger had an emergency lift out of a boat, being crewed by a couple who borrow the boat from a friend of there's. They had moored up near the boat yard last night, with a seriour leak in the bottom of the boat. So having seen the amount of water in the rear of the boat Roger, when he was called round to inspect the situation, Roger decided the only option was to crane the boat out onto the bank at the yard. It was easy to see where the water was getting into the boat, because it was pouring back out again as the boat rose out of the water.Having lowered the boat down gently onto blocks, Roger took a closer look at where the water was leaking from. The boat which is around 40 years old, needs a new bottom.It was clear to see that there was a serious problem at the stern of this boat, and it was not going to be a quick fix. There was a hole in the base plate. The base plate has most definitrly seen better days.The song 'There's a hole in my bucket' comes to mind. In this case 'There's a hole in my boat' But this is no laughing matter, this boat needs it bottom replacing sooner rather than later. So the term B.O.A.T really does mean Bring Out Another Thousand in this case. I really do feel for the owner, as it is an expense which clearly he could do without right now.


Lesley NB Caxton said...

A pat on the back, the ropework looks very smart indeed!

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Lesley. Welcome onboard.
That is so lovely, thank you for your comment. We know there are several different ways of doing the ropework, so I dare say someone will say it is not correct LOL. But we like it.
Have a fabulous weekend Lesley. Maybe one day we will get to say hi to each other for real.
Kind regards.