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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Busy with boat jobs.

We have been back in Stone for 5 days and it has been non stop, what with catching up with friends and acquaintance's, who have followed the building of our boat. It is always wonderful to catch up with friends, and to hear their news. We have been busy as well doing work on the boat. Firstly we set about taking out the ballast from under the front deck.We added a ton of ballast when the boat was launched, but have now decided that if we take that ton out, we can get another ton or more of coal onboard, which will benefit our customers as we move around the system. So with the help of Nigel from N.B Ensebee, we stacked it into neat piles, ready for it to go into another boat. Roger has been really busy for us, doing the jobs that we have thought of whilst being out. They are all things we never though of when the boat was being built, but now we would like them added. So firstly he made the stays for the hold. The stays stop the top planks from sagging when being walked on. Otherwise it feels like you are bouncing up and down, when walking from one end to the other. Keith has very poor balance so the stays will help no end. Roger has even stamped them so we know which stay goes where, which is brilliant.I spent the weekend, moving and counting the coal we have left onboard. I then stacked it back into neat piles, so I know exactly how much we are carrying. We are planning to take more on once we get back onto the Grand Union Canal, as we have found a coal merchants who is willing to supply us. Roger and Keith took the fuel filter off of the engine as it had been leaking from a joint and through the casing. The filter did not actually have a filter in as we have a modern one fitted, so it was purely there for show. Now that it has been removed and replaced with tidy pipework, it looks a lot better, and even better still no more leaks of diesel. At the moment Roger is putting in a shelf over the generator, which will be a great help.Keith would like to put his tool boxes on it, so they are to hand should he need them. I will still be able to use the washing line above the shelf for small things. I tend to hang larger items in the hold, where they dry really quickly. We have rope on order to re-string the hold sheeting, as the nylon rope we have at the moment, does not look very nice, but it is also falling apart due to the UV. The sun has rotted it and if you just lean against it, it snaps which is hopeless. So we have ordered something more in keeping with the boat.
I said a few days ago that I had, had a new boatwoman's bonnet made to go with my boatwoman's costume, which I wear at boat festivals, and as promised I would show you a photograph of the bonnet, so here it is in all its glory. I am so very happy with it, and cannot wait to wear it now. Special thanks goes out to Becky for making it for me. I will be wearing it with pride.
Apart from helping with all the boat jobs, Keith and I have been around all the charity shops in Stone of which there are many. We love charity shops and what they have to offer. If you have ever been to Stone you will know they have at least seven charity shops. I have also been dog walking with Tina, which was great fun. So we will see what the rest of the week has to offer.


MortimerBones said...

I LOVE the shirt... where does one get them from?

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Bones.
The shirt came off of Ebay. it took me sometime to hunt one day. I finally found this one from a Romany Gypsy, so it has a history.