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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Poetry Book Success.

Having had very little time to sit and browse the internet over the past few months, due to us cruising most of the time. I had totally forgotten that I had sent my poetry book 'Seasons of the Waterways' off to get an ISBN number. So I was chuffed to bits this afternoon, whilst browsing the internet to see that my book is being advertised with Tesco. When I asked for an ISBN number, I was told that it would appear on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble. I of course have my own storefront where my poetry books are available to buy, but it is nice to think that someone else thinks my work is worth selling.
I am still selling 'Precious Moments', which is being used to raise money for Cancer Research. The book has its own Storefront and all profits go to Cancer Research. I am now contemplating whether to get it an ISBN, and see where it takes it, but I have to think about it first.
I am hoping that now we have done the friends and family run this year and been to some boat festivals, I can settle down to writing some more poetry. I have a few already to go into another book, but need a little more inspiration and lots more photographs, before it can become reality.
Keith and I have also been asked about whether we would write a book about Hadar's build and our adventures, which is a huge undertaking, and would probably be best left in the hands of a publisher.
Changing the subject everso slightly, the boat jobs are still on going. Keith is working on the engine as I type. I have been busy washing Hadar's, polishing her brass and giving her a general spruce up. The new rope for her hold arrives Tuesday hopefully, so we can then get on with that job. We have enjoyed a good week of boat jobs, catching up with friends, meals out and last night a bar-b-que with friends, so what a great way to end a week.


Diana said...

Congrats having your book on Tesco!

I clicked the author name there and it took me to a whole lot of other books, childrens books by Jo Lodge.

Not you as well is that?

Keith Lodge said...

Many thanks for the message LadyB. I have a name sake, who writes lovely books for children. Sadly I cannot take the credit for her books, which look fabulous. I hope there is room for the both of us on the shelves of the book stores LOL.

Jay said...

Wow - how wonderfully encouraging! I'm very impressed! Congratulations!!

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Jay. Thank you. It took me sometime to get it written and published. I did the whole thing myself, so I am quite proud of the book. But I am aware that poetry is a slow seller, so not expecting much from it. Still I will keep writing and see what happens.