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Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Sunny Busy Weekend.

Having seen rain almost everyday for the past few weeks, it has been a miracle that this weekend has been totally dry and sunny. It has given Keith and I the chance to start the jobs on Hadar, which need doing before we set off all over again. But before the jobs we had a visit from Graham onboard N.B Suits us. We have known Graham for 3 years now and he is in Stone for a couple of days so came over to the boat yard to catch up on all the news. He bought with him his dogs Meg and Max and we sat and drank coffee whilst catching up on, where he had been and where we had been etc. If you see Graham on your travels do say hello to him, as he is such a nice gentleman. You cannot miss his boat, as it has hippo's on both sides. During Saturday we walked down into Stone, to see if there had been any changes. We also caught up with Jill who is helping to run the Food and Drinks Festival. Keith and I are taking the photographs at the event. Once back at the boat we began to move the coal about in the hold, so that we could get the wooden flooring up for an inspection hatch to be cut into it. Today we have been to an Antiques Market at the Staffordshire Show Ground with Tina (Boat Painter), and bought a couple of nice items. Back onboard the boat, we needed to start moving all our clutter which has been stored in the bow, so we can get the ton of ballast out of the boat. The idea is that if we take the ton of ballast out, we can get more coal onboard. So I began by taking up some of the wooden flooring, to get out the engineering bricks. Keith then took over handing the bricks to me, I then handed them to Nigel from N.B Ensebee, who kindly stacked them in neat piles. Tomorrow we have the job of getting the bricks out from behind the water tank, which should be fun as they are under the gas locker. So the weekend has been a busy one, but we need to get these jobs done before we head off down onto the Grand Union Canal.
This coming week is going to be a little busy, as we discuss with Roger what we would like done, so I will post when I can. In the meantime have a good week and stay safe.

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