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Friday, September 26, 2008

Time to make a move.

With the jobs all done on Hadar, we paid the bills, unplugged from the electric, which was a luxury, as it meant I could get all the washing and drying done in one go. I filled the water tank and Keith did a few jobs to prepare Hadar for the off from the boatyard. We had lunch and then fired up Hadar's engine to make the long journey to our mooring for the next few days. It took us all of 5 minutes to reach ha ha ha. We are now moored opposite Roger Fuller's boatyard for a few days. It was not long before we were having conversations with the public walking past the boat, whilst we were sat on the roof. I was knitting and Keith was continuing to make our rag rug. One of our visitors was a lovely gentleman, who I said I would give him a mention on the diary. So here goes, Eric it was lovely to meet you and thank you for reading our diary. We wish you lots of luck with finding your boat, and who knows we may meet up on the cut somewhere, when you are afloat. I absolutely love chatting to people who are passing by. I know that working boat people tend to get a bad name for being miserable buggers, who never chat to people, but not on this working boat. I will happily pass the time of day with anyone. I always say ' It costs nothing to be polite'.
So now that Roger has helped us with our boat jobs and Tina has supplied us with hadar's paint, we are all set for the adventures ahead. But first we are staying in Stone for the Food and Drinks Festival on the 3rd, 4th and 5th October. We are then heading for the Grand Union Canal down to our Coal Supplier Fred Tarry's to take on some more coal, as the hold is looking a little empty at the moment. Now that the weather is getting a little chilly, we are beginning to sell coal once more. At present we only have 2 ton on board, so Hadar is sitting high in the water. We are looking forward to taking on some different types of coal this time. So watch this space for pictures of the event.
It is now time to sort out tonights dinner, so I will say good evening and hope to see you over the weekend. Stay safe and enjoy what is supposed to be a good weekend weather wise.

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